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Sensei Mark Mason

5th Degree Black Belt

Founder & Owner


Sensei Mark Mason started Karate at age 16 studying in New Haven CT.  He continued to study in his adult life under Shihan Ignacio Arias in the art of Nihon Kodon Shindo Ryu at Christian Karate Academy (CKA) from 2004 through 2010.  During this time, Mark worked his way up to his Black belt and began teaching at the CKA Afterschool program for many years.  While at CKA he competed at various regional and national competitions. He holds several National titles and is a gold mentalist competing in the USANKF Men’s Class in 2005 and 2006. After the closure of CKA Mark moved on to train with Style Master So-Shihan Felton Messina and has continues to train with him to the present.


Sensei Mark has a passion for the community and wants to strengthen the Providence community by offering family centered Karate instruction teaching the “Pathway” to God (Nihon Koden Shindo Ryu) through physical discipline, hard work and strong core values.  In 2016 Sensei Mark under the blessing of So-Shihan Messina founded Pathway Karate Academy where he has started to teach students from all walks of life.


Mark has currently holds the rank of 5th degree Black Belt (Go-Dan) as of September 2016.




So-Shihan Felton Messina

10th Degree Black Belt

Style Master - Nihon Koden Shindo Ryu


Felton Messina, started practicing Karatedo in 1966, while studying in the University of Puerto Rico, city of Mayagüez, supervised by his first teacher, the Puerto Rican Edwin Hernández in a style called Okinawan Kenpo Karatedo. In 1968 he was promoted to black belt 1st Degree and received the grade certificate from Hernández. In 1969, Felton Messina returned to the Dominican Republic and graduated as engineer. When he arrived in Santo Domingo he saw that the only martial arts practiced there, were Judo and Taekwondo. A group of young people heard of his arrival, they asked him to teach them his style of Karatedo that he had practiced in Puerto Rico.


In 1969 the Kenpo Karatedo Association was founded by Felton Messina, and was spread throughout the whole nation While being president of the Dominican Judo Federation, Messina, with the assessment from the president of the Dominican Olympic Committee forms, what to this day is known as the Dominican Karate Federation (DOKAFE), which was recognized as well by the Dominican Olympic Committee.


Messina now possesses the Rank of Soshihan (10th degree black belt) for all the world except Japan where he holds the rank of 7th degree black belt. The World Karate Federation (WKF) recognizes his rank of 7th degree black belt.  He also possesses the rank of 1st degree black belt in the style of Iaido, Muso Shinden Ryu. This rank was given to him, in Japan, by Iwagoro Setoguchi in 1977. Messina was the first Dominican to write a book about Karatedo (specifically about the style Nihon Koden Shindo Ryu), published in 1979. Currently, Messina has already ended his second Karatedo book titled "The Physics of Karatedo and the Unanswered questions about this art".


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